Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I have just about recovered from the assault on my senses that was the MCMExpo, where my jolly lovely table buddy was once again Paul Rainey. I must say I wasn't quite prepared for the bizarre scale of the 'cosplay' element of the event especially the pale wobbly, exposed bodily particles, or indeed the sheer volume of the drumming and insane techno aerobics??! Having said that, it was all jolly and good natured, and most of the exhibitors in the Comic Village seemed just as bewildered and bemused as me. Highlights included someone who came up to me and said they had bought Trouser Madness at BICS, and really enjoyed it! Also finally meeting the uncompromising Schmurgen Jonerhaffs was a rare treat! Top that off with the enjoyment of reading Francesca Cassavetti's delightful comics on the train home, and you have a rollercoaster of weekend for a sad old curmudgeon like me, at times alarming, but with some real gems of pleasure!

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