Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trouser Madness Issue # 1 Is Here!

Trouser Madness is an absurd mix of one-page humour strips, with one serialised comedy strip, guaranteed to make you £2 poorer! Printed on paper, it is an actual physical artifact of unpopular culture that you can take away in your hand, to peruse at your leisure, and even keep to disturb future generations of your family and/or social circle.

A web presence is in the pipeline, but until then....
I shall be at LUC@176 on Saturday 27th June, selling it, along with other ephemera and tat.
Otherwise I can be reached via electric mail by entering , on your computerised correspondence facility...

Monday, June 15, 2009


PeeT! Clack will be attending this exciting event on 27th June.
He will be selling Issue 1 of his humour comic 'Trouser Madness', as well as various back issues of old and possibly sadly defunct projects of high quality. Also on sale will be a small array of original canvasses painted in acrylic. 
It promises to be a great show, with hordes of small-press comic publishers in a delightful location.
  Go visit the website to discover more......